Frank Etoundi is a product designer and web developer currently living in Munich, Germany.

Born in 1991 in Yaoundé (Cameroon), he is man of many crafts, including graphic design, UX & UI design and web development.

Designing products professionally since 2010, but has been contemplating the design of this complex world since 1991.

Throughout his professional experience, Frank has been fortunate enough to work on several projects, with amazing people worldwide.

Some facts

  • 2015 - Masters of Science in Information Technology from Leeds Beckett University (United Kingdom)
  • 2013 - Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Coventry University (United Kingdom)
  • Native English and French speaker, basic written and spoken German, fluent in Ewondo Ewondo is a Bantu language with about half a million speakers in Cameroon. Ewondo has about 100,000 native speakers in and around the capital of Cameroon, Yaunde (Yaoundé), and a further 470,000 or so second language speakers in southern Cameroon, where it serves as a lingua franca.
  • Elder brother of 8 siblings (7 girls, 1 boy)
  • Plays rugby and football but is awfull at basketball
  • Anime and manga lover. Read around 3000 mangas chapters and watched over 4000 animes episodes

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