Mar 19, 2018

What is life

To take from another is tantamount to evil. From the moment we are born, we practice this art. Perfecting the sin we've inherited. That's what life is. A continuous series of compounding sins.

- Mr Yoshimura, aka, The Owl.

From Tokyo Ghoul Root, Episode 9


May 03, 2016

The prudent man

On morality and work ethic.

“The prudent man always studies seriously and earnestly to understand whatever he professes to understand, and not merely to persuade other people that he understands it; and though his talents may not always be very brilliant, they are always perfectly genuine”

― Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments


May 01, 2016

Killing monsters

“Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degreee is arbitary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another… I’d rather not choose at all.”

– Gerald of Rivia [The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Cinematic (Killing Monsters)]

Drawing by @josholland
Illustration by @josholland