Urban Hope Coventry

Logo design for a Church of England charity

Branding Coventry, 2012.

Urban hope large


About the Urban Hope Coventry

Urban Hope Coventry is a vibrant group of a amazing people helping those in need of a meal, advices or guidance in various aspects of life. In fact, if you just need a hug, stop by their lovely café in Coventry city center and you will get a heartwarming one. 

As a Christian organisation run by The Church of England, they work towards the higher goal of bringing people closer to God. 

The challenge

To design a logo representing the organisation religious and humanitarian beliefs. The logo must show openess, be friendly, welcoming, "Jesus focus" while respecting others people beliefs, "not too churchy", modern and urban.

The concept

Urban Hope logo concept


Urban Hope Coventry LogoUrban Hope Coventry Logo Variations